What is Law and Your Environment? 

Law and Your Environment is a public information website provided by UKELA, the UK Environmental Law Association.
It is a free online resource providing information about UK environmental law and policy across the four nations as well as key rights and responsibilities as UK citizens.


What is UKELA?

UKELA is a charity and membership organisation for those working in or interested in UK environmental law. You can find out more on UKELA’s website.

UKELA’s aims include promoting the conservation of the environment in the UK for public benefit and advancing public education in matters to do with law relating to the environment. The Law and Your Environment website forms part of these aims.



Aims of Law and Your Environment

We aim to improve public access to environmental law and information, empowering people across the UK to participate in environmental matters.

As well as links to law and policy, it provides ideas for actions we can all take to help make a difference in areas such as climate change and nature conservation.

Please get in touch if you have suggestions to add to the information provided.




What does this website cover?


The website aims to provide an overview of key environmental law and policy across the four nations: England, Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland. It also provides links to a range of websites containing more detailed information so you can dive into the details. It also provides links to where to seek Further support and advice.

This site covers the following environmental themes:


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Nothing on this site constitutes legal advice. The contents of this site are for general information purposes only. Further information can be found on UKELA’s Terms of use page.

Specialist legal advice should be taken in relation to specific circumstances. If you need specific advice and support see the page Further support for potential providers.