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Further Resources

Find below a select list of websites that contain specific information on planning matters and planning related matters. The list is not intended to be exhaustive.

Planning Portal
The Planning Portal is an on-line resource for planning information and services. In addition to practical information, the portal can help you apply for planning permission or appeal against a decision. If you’re interested in a career in planning, you can learn more in the portal’s study section, while the research section gives access to central and local government reports, guidance and notes. Visit the Planning Portal website.
Planning Aid
Planning Aid provides free, independent and professional advice and support on planning issues to people and communities who cannot afford to hire a planning consultant. Planning Aid complements the work of local authorities but is wholly independent of them. Visit the Planning Aid website.
Environmental Law Foundation
The Environmental Law Foundation provides free advice to individuals and communities facing environmental threats and opportunities of a public nature. Typical issues involve air and water quality, noise pollution, threats to wildlife habitat and biodiversity, use of public open spaces and threats to those spaces. Visit the Environmental Law Foundation website.
Department for Communities and Local Government (DCLG)
The Planning Directorate's work is at the heart of the Communities Plan. Supporting communities that: are economically prosperous; have decent homes at affordable prices; safeguard the countryside; enjoy a well designed, accessible and pleasant living and working environment; and are effectively and fairly governed with a strong sense of community.Visit the Department for Communities and Local Government website.
Planning Inspectorate
The Inspectorate's main work is the processing of planning and enforcement appeals and holding inquiries into local development plans. They also deal with a wide variety of other planning related casework including listed building consent appeals, advertisement appeals, and reporting on planning applications. Visit the Planning Inspectorate website.
Ordnance Survey
National mapping agency of Great Britain. Visit the Ordnance Survey website.
Campaign to Protect Rural England (CPRE)
Campaigns for the Beauty, Tranquillity and Diversity of the Countryside. Visit CPRE's Planning Help website.
Open Spaces Society (OSS)
Campaigns to protect open spaces, common land, village greens and public paths. Helps local communities safeguard green spaces. Visit the OSS's website.
Royal Town Planning Institute (RTPI)
The professional body that regulates town planners and oversees standards of professional practice in town planning. Visit the RTPI's website.
Royal Town Planning Consultants (RTPC)
This website provides an online directory of planning consultants. Visit the RTPC's website.
Town & Country Planning Association (TCPA)
Association campaigns for the reform of the UK’s planning system to make it more responsive to people’s needs and aspirations and to promote sustainable development. Visit the TCPA's website.
The Law Society- Find A Solicitor
Find A Solicitor is the Law Society's online database. It helps you to find a solicitor,including specialist planning representation. Visit the Law Society- Find A Solicitor.

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