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Reporting Environmental Offences

An environmental offence or crime is an unlawful act against the environment. The environmental offences that most affect our communities every day are:



Fly Tipping

Fly Posting

Dog Fouling


Some places still have old local laws that prohibit such activities. For instance, it is still an offence, under section 54(10) of the Metropolitan Police Act 1839, to "affix any posting bill or other paper against or upon any building, wall, fence, or pale, or write upon, soil, deface, or mark any such building, wall, fence, or pale with chalk or paint, or in any other way whatsoever" without the consent of the owner or occupier - but only in "the Metropolis", i.e. most of London.

The pages linked to above mention only offences that apply across the whole territory of the UK or, in some cases, England/Wales or Scotland.

Local councils are responsible for dealing with almost all of these offences. You can report such offences in your neighbourhood to your local council by going to one of the Related Links shown opposite.

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