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Testing the site

Various community and advice giving groups helped test the site. Special thanks go to: the Environmental Law Foundation; Friends of the Earth; Capacity Global; WWF; the Civic Trust; Yiewsley Community Involvement Group.

This site would not be here without the vision and dedication of the trustees of the UK Environmental Law Association. Since 2004 they have been committed to making a reality of the idea of a website providing information about environmental law to the public. The chairs during the development period were Andrew Wiseman, Daniel Lawrence and Peter Kellett, and their leadership made a significant contribution to the project. The trustees have provided an oversight of the content of the site as it has developed, providing an expert panel of reviewers.

Professor Robert Lee at Cardiff University was also instrumental in making the website happen. His team at BRASS were behind the fundraising efforts as well as the practical steps needed to make this happen and Bob's tenacity is a major contributor to getting the website on line.

Tamara Egede, of BRASS, an environmental lawyer, is the main author of this website. Her expertise and hard work have provided most of the content.

Johanna Lepannen and her team at Smart Media have provided fantastic support for the design and technical side of the website.

We are grateful to Andy Fisher, of the Metropolitan Police Wildlife Crime Unit, for his advice on the nature conservation and wildlife section and for his photos.

There has also been some fantastic volunteer support. Andy Stone, with an IT background transferring to a new career in law, has provided invaluable technical help. Ian Nouvel has helped with the photo research. Wendy Le Las advised on the planning section and Gaynor Brown provided the planning case study.

Our thanks go to those who have kindly donated their photographs to the website: The Environment Agency; Clare Elcoate; Peter Kellett; Charles Morgan; Liz Thomas; Peter Wells; the Metropolitan Police.

We have not been successful in securing funding for this public service website, which has been funded entirely by UKELA's reserves and the time and goodwill of volunteers. So we have no funders to thank.

An endowment is being set up to take care of the maintenance and development of the website.

Information about how to help support this website is in the About Us section.

UKELA is not responsible for the content of external internet sites