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Purchase of Nature Reserves

Another key way of protecting wildlife and their habitats is when conservation bodies purchase large tracts of land for nature conservation objectives. A good example is the case of the Devon Wildlife Trust which purchased 57 acres of land in 2000 at Dunsdon near Holsworthy. The Trust bought this expanse of land for the purpose of restoring, re-creating and reconnecting large areas of culm grassland . It also recently completed the purchase of an additional 19 acres of land which will protect more rare species and their habitats, including threatened marsh fritillary butterflies. Visit the Devon Wildlife Trust's website for further information.

In Wales, the North Wales Wildlife Trust also recently purchased 43 acres of agricultural land next to its Cors Goch nature reservein Anglesey. The new site will protect a large variety of wildlife and their habitats, including barn owls, bullfinch, bats, and hares. Visit the North Wales Wildlife Trust's website for more information.

In Scotland, the John Muir Trust protects some 115,000 hectares of wild land through ownership, community and partnership initiatives, with the Scottish Wildife Trust owning over 120 wildlife reserves extending to around 20,000 hectares.

The RSPB is another organisation which owns a significant area of land dedicated to nature conservation, with over 150 reserves in the UK.

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