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Where to get Approval

Planning Permission
Planning permission can be obtained from your local planning authority.

Applications can be made directly to your local planning authority or online via the Planning Portal application system.

You may be charged a fee to make a planning application.

People promoting major developments may be able to apply directly to the Secretary of State instead of to their local authority. This option would be open to them if their local authority has been specially designated as one with a record of consistently slow or poor quality decisions.

Conservation Area Consent
You will need to apply for a conservation area consent from your local authority, if you want to carry out external works on buildings in a conservation area such as demolition or tree felling.
Listed Building Consent

You will need listed building consent in the following cases:

  1. If you want to demolish a listed building.
  2. Works to any buildings within the grounds of a listed building.
  3. Internal or external alterations or extensions of a listed building that will affect its character as a site of architectural or historic interest.
Cutting down of trees
Many trees, particularly those located in conservation areas are subject to tree preservation orders. This means that you may require consent from your local authority before you can prune or cut them down. If you are in doubt about whether you require consent, contact your local authority now.

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