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Have your say on local plans

The Government wants individuals to take part in preparing local plans. Local planning authorities wanting to prepare new plans must first prepare a statement of community involvement (SCI) that sets out how they will involve the community in the process. Before the statement can be adopted, a planning authority must consult communities and give them an opportunity to shape and influence the contents of the statement.

A statement of community involvement would contain:

A brief introduction of the statement and its objectives.
Main principles
A summary of what the authority seeks to achieve through community involvement.
Summary of types of planning applications
A factual brief of the types of planning application for which the authority will seek community involvement.
Types of community involvement
A section that identifies the types of community involvements that are appropriate for planning applications and what stage of the planning process should the different types of involvement be undertaken.
Communities and stakeholder groups
A discussion of the relevant stakeholder groups and how the authority plans to identify and involve them. An explanation should be provided on how the authority intends to update its list of stakeholder groups and how it will reach groups that do not normally take part in the planning process.
Feedback on consultations
There should be a clear statement on how the authority would deal with the representations received from the community and other stakeholder groups.
Resource implications
An estimate of the likely costs of the proposed types of community involvement.


Planning and Compulsory Purchase Act 2004

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