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Have your say on planning violations

Most local planning authorities provide online guidance on how to report planning violations. You can report a planning violation via an online complaints form, by post, e-mail or contacting your local planning authority in person.

Locate your local planning authority here.

Try and provide as much details as you can about the planning violation. Where possible, details should include:

  • Address of the development site
  • Nature of the work done
  • How long the development has been going on

Please note that local planning authorities will not treat:

  • Anonymous complaints-you must provide your name and address so that your local planning authority can contact you. Complaints about planning violation are normally treated confidentially. If it becomes no longer possible to keep the complaint confidential due to an enforcement action, the local planning authority will seek your consent, before it releases your details.
  • Boundary or ownership disputes that do not involve planning control violations.
  • Work to party walls
  • Smell, noise and pollution, except where arising from a breach of a planning condition.
  • Flytipping- contact the Environmental Health unit of your local authority or call the Environment Agency’s hotline on 0800 807060.
  • Use of or obstruction of highways, pavements or verges. Contact your local highway authority on this.

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