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When Approval is Required

Building approval is required for:

  • The erection or extension of a building.
    The material alteration of a building involving work which will temporarily or permanently affect the ongoing compliance of the building, service or fitting with the requirements relating to structure, fire, or access to and use of buildings.
    Installation or extension of services or fittings controlled by the building regulations.
    The insertion of insulation into a cavity wall.
    The underpinning of the foundations of a building.
    When you want to change the building's fundamental use.
  • Work where there is a change to a building’s energy status.
    Work where a thermal element is renovated or replaced.
    Work to an existing building with a total useful floor area of more than 1,000sqm where the work includes extensions or providing or increasing the capacity of fixed building services.

This is not an exhaustive list. The Planning Portal provides detailed information on when building approval will be required.

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