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Enforcement Action

Breach of planning control

A planning control is breached when development takes place without planning permission or in violation of planning permission conditions. It is not possible for planning authorities to investigate and monitor all planning violations. If you are concerned that a planning violation has taken place in your area, report it to your local planning authority, so they can investigate it. Please note that a planning control violation is not a criminal offence and in some cases, local planning authorities may allow retrospective permission for unauthorised developments.

Examples of Planning Violations

  • Unauthorised works to listed buildings (internal and external).
  • Felling of trees in a conservation area or protected by a tree preservation order.
  • Significant change of use of land or buildings without planning permission.
  • Failure to follow approved plans or to comply with conditions of in a planning permission.
  • Unauthorised demolition of a building in a conservation area.

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Types of Enforcement Action

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