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European Directive on the Assessment and Management of Flood Risks
Directive 2007/60/EC - also known as the Floods Directive - aims to reduce the risks and adverse consequences of floods in the European Union.


Public Health Act 1936
Gives local authorities in England and Wales powers to treat as a statutory nuisance any water course, pond or ditch which is foul or in a state that will be harmful to health. The Act also makes it an offence to allow a septic tank to leak or to overflow.
Coast Protection Act 1949
Provides coast protection authorities in England, Wales and Scotland with general powers for coast protection work and defence.
Land Drainage (Scotland) Act 1958
Reservoirs Act 1975
Covers local authorities’ duties on reservoir safety in England and Wales.
Land Drainage Act 1976
(Largely repealed and replaced by the Land Drainage Act 1991)
Thames Barrier and Flood Prevention Act 1972 and Thames Barrier Bylaws 1983
Highways Act 1980
Covers highway drainage in England and Wales.
Roads (Scotland) Act 1984
Covers road drainage in Scotland.
Environmental Protection Act 1990
Covers statutory nuisances in England, Wales and Scotland. Section 79(1)(h) applies to statutory nuisances in relation to watercourses under earlier public health legislation
Water Resources Act 1991
Provides statutory duties for sewerage undertakers in England and Wales.
Land Drainage Act 1991
As amended by the Land Drainage Act 1994.
Environment Act 1995
Requires the Environment Agency to supervise matters relating to flood defence (including land drainage) in England and Wales.
Land Drainage Act 1994
Amends the Land Drainage Act 1991 in relation to the functions of internal drainage boards and local authorities.
Flood Risk Management (Scotland) Act 2009
Provides regulation on assessment of flood risk and sustainable flood management in Scotland.
The Flood Risk Regulations 2009
Give effect to the Floods Directive in England and Wales.
Flood and Water Management Act 2010
Provides for national and local strategies for managing risks from floods and coastal erosion in England and Wales. Aims to promote sustainable urban drainage.
Reservoirs (Scotland) Act 2011
Covers SEPA's duties on reservoir safety in Scotland.

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